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HiPer transport unit

Dear valued customers,   In Power-heat-set technical Newsletter series we will inform you about the HiperSet equipment. we will plan to inform you about the transport unit.

The HiPer transport unit operates with only one transport belt in combination with a permanent counter belt. With the counter belt, yarn hangs at the entry and exit of the heat set chamber are eliminated.


The conveyor belt and counter belt speeds are monitored and controlled in relation to each other, guaranteeing completely synchronized operation of the belts. There will be no yarn distortion due to different speeds. The belts are cooled as they return outside the heat set chamber resulting in energy savings.

A sensor controlled tracking system for the transport and counter belt ensures that the belts always run in the center, reducing belt wear. Changing the belts can be done easily and quickly.

A cleaning brush is positioned at the exit of the belt. Yarn wrapping the transport belt will be a thing of the past. As a fail-safe, a sensor will stop the belt if any yarn winds around the brush.

The fin roller of the counter belt avoids yarn sticking to the counter belt.

Here are the main advantages of the transport unit

-       Quick and easy belt changes
-       Reduction of yarn hanging in the TRB due to forced transportation
-       Speed monitoring allows synchronization of the transport and counterbelt which also provides an immediate stop should a breakdown occur
-       Elimination of yarn hanging at entry and exit windows
-       Effective heat setting due to maintaining uniform yarn placement in the heat setting chamber.
-       Open belt guidance resulting in energy savings and increased belt life.

If you’d like to know more about our equipment you are always welcome to contact us.

Next month we will continue our series, informing you about the climate chamber.


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