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Maximum added value in production

MAS' technology is based on a conical, co-rotating twin screw extruder. The excellent process engineering characteristics of MAS-extruders are achieved first and foremost by the high disposable volume and high coverage of the co-rotating screw shaft. Due to the conical design the intake volume is significantly greater than the discharge volume, resulting in an extremely high screw filling level. This leads to high volume throughput per revolution with excellent melt pressure stability and at the lowest possible melt temperature.


The technology benefits:

  • large input volumes and thus excellent feeding characteristic
  • high melt pressure build-up and maximum pressure stability, thus removing the need for a melt pump in most cases
  • large shaft diameters allow for high torque
  • easy removal of the screw via the rear of the extruder
  • excellent homogenisation characteristics
  • excellent feeding behaviour guarantees a short melt retention time in the extruder at low melt temperature
  • extremely low specific energy consumption

Technical design protected by various patents

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