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MAS - DRD dry cleaner


DRD (Double Rotor Disc) technology combines a cleaning centrifuge and thermo-mechanical drying in a single plant. It guarantees a clean, dry process that is easy on the material and produces consistently high end product quality. DRD is a unique technology that washes without water, thus representing a sustainable solution for plastics recycling:

  • Drying and cleaning in a single step
  • in comparison with legacy washing systems, less than 50 % cost
  • water treatment system not required
  • simple operations, low maintenance effort
  • fully automated machine control






DRD 18

e.g. LDPE foil, industrial waste

up to approx. 500 kg/h

DRD 24

e.g. LDPE foil, industrial waste

up to approx. 1000 kg/h

DRD 26-Dryer

e.g. LDPE foil after washing line

up to approx. 1200 kg/h

Technical design protected by various patents

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