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Pasargad Rahpouyan Kish Consulting Co (PCC) is a Consulting and engineering company, formed by professionals from polymer , Textile & man made carpet industry in IRAN with over about fifteen years of in depth knowledge. Our goal is consulting and Supporting the petrochemical downstream industry especially manmade fiber & carpet industry. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our company as one the major suppliers of components : like as spinnerets and spin packs, heated godets, surfactants (spin finishes& lubricants) for various industries, and machinery of : Bulked Continuous Filament, Technical & Industrial Yarns, Cleaning & recycling equipment for polymer and plastic industry, finishing machines for carpet & Textiles.


Here on some of our supplier presentation;

Power-heat-set GmbH Textile Systemsis a company, which acts all over the world, specialized on heat setting equipment for carpet yarn. The main occupation of us is sales, service, consulting and supply with spare parts. http://www.power-heat-set.com

Zimmer Maschinenbau GmbHis a world leading company in the digital textile printing and coating machine sector. http://www.zimmer-austria.com

 Enka Tecnica GmbHis one of the world's leading manufacturer of spinnerets and spin packs for various processes and of high quality components for the nonwovens industry. Highest precision, fast delivery, competent consulting and customer care is the key to your success. http://www.enkatecnica.com

DAKO AGis an international chemical company specialized in developing, producing and selling surface active agents for various industries. The main site for production and development is based in Wiesentheid-Germany. From the chemical point of view DAKO AG is developing and selling a bunch of unique surfactants for various industries:

• Lubricants & spinfinishes for synthetic filament

• production to unique lubricants, bio lubricants

• emulsifiers,

• consumer products for farming industry, wood treatment, anti corrosion agents, metal cleaning agents

And many other components and products from its own raw material sources.



 Gilbos is the brand trusted worldwide for textile machinery.

Since the early 1900’s Gilbos has been the supplier of superior quality products that meet the needs of forward thinking customers. With this same attitude we also offer specialized services as a subcontractor for mechanical components to a wide variety of industries. We have a team of 110 motivated professionals who support the continuous development of the Gilbos Tradition


Trützschler's entry into the business of spinning systems for filament yarns has been successful: a long-time customer of SwissTex has confidence in Trützschler as well and is placing an initial order for a carpet yarn spinning system. In the second half of 2013, the first BCF positions in proven symTTex technology will be delivered to China under the new name of Trützschler.

At the beginning of November, the know-how and personnel of the former SwissTex Winterthur AG was taken over by the Trützschler Man-Made Fibers group. The development, construction and marketing of spinning components and plants for the production of carpet and industrial yarns remain in Winterthur, under the name of Trützschler Switzerland AG.

In addition to the business with new plants, Trützschler Switzerland AG attaches great importance to maintenance and further development of the installed BCF and industrial yarn capacities. In recent weeks, the supply of customers throughout the world with spare parts, modernisation concepts and technical support has been ensured to the absolute satisfaction of the markets, and continues to be paramount.


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